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About PFMR

Functions of the programme

The Programme’s functions are executed through the PFM Reform Secretariat which is a Unit under the National Treasury. The Unit’s overall role is to manage the implementation of the PFM Reform Programme. Other key functions of the Unit include reviewing activity implementation schedules and updating the Programmes implementation matrix periodically. Specifically, the functions of the Unit include the following:

  • Ensuring harmonization, prioritization and sequencing of reforms
  • Development of the Secretariat’s Institutional capacity
  • Development of the Programme’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework
  • Preparation of the Programme’s Quarterly and Annual Progress Reports
  • Development of the capacity of Implementing Agencies on M&E and reporting
  • Carrying out M&E missions on PFMR activities
  • Monitoring the implementation of the Programme’s training plan, programme vehicle assignment and utilization
  • Developing and sustaining capacity within the Ministry of Finance to ensure that it fulfills its lead role in the planning and implementation of the PFM Reform Programme
  • Development of a data base of all PFMR related reports
  • Updating the Programme Implementation plan
  • Consolidation of annual work plans and cost estimates submitted by Implementing Agencies for the purpose of preparing the Programmes’s annual budget
  • Coordination of the PFM Reform Budget with the National Budget
  • Preparation of quarterly allocation plans consistent with the Annual Work Plans and Cost Estimates as a basis for a draw down from the programme’s common fund
  • Provision of financial management services for the Programme including preparation of expenditure returns, Financial Monitoring Reports, Cash Flow Forecasts, processing of payments for goods and services rendered on behalf of the Implementing Agencies
  • Maintenance of the Programme’s Financial Management Information System
  • Exchequer requisition and disbursements on behalf of the Implementing Agencies
  • Maintenance of the Secretariat’s Payroll
  • Development and implementation of the Programme’s Communication Strategy and Implementation Plan
  • Implementation of the Programme’s Communication Strategy on behalf of the Agencies
  • Laying out and design of the Programme’s publications
  • Fundraising on behalf of the Agencies
  • Editing and proof reading for quality, all publications for the Programme
  • Scripting and directing television and radio commercials, features and documentaries
  • Regularly updating for relevance and currency, the PFMR website; managing content of the website
  • Collating information, laying out and designing the Programme Newsletter, Wajibika
  • Ensuring the presentational/design standards of the Programme are adhered to in the production of the Programme’s Information, Education and Communication materials
  • Playing a liaison role between the media, the key stakeholders and the Programme
  • Organizing key events (launches and joint review missions) on behalf of the Programme
  • Ensuring maintenance of continuous flow of information on progress of Programme and its milestones between the Programme and its stakeholders
  • Conducting evaluation surveys on effectiveness of communication interventions and Programme awareness levels
  • Ensuring effective dissemination and distribution of information and materials to stakeholders
  • Conducting civic education drives targeted at the Programme’s stakeholders
  • Guiding and coordinating the preparation of the Programme’s Procurement Plans
  • Provision of technical support to the Implementing in terms of adhering to donor procurement requirements
  • Provision of monitoring, evaluation and reporting on procurement activities of the Programme
  • Procurement for programme requirements, mostly goods, consulting and training services, in accordance with agreed procedures
  • Maintenance of the Programme’s Asset Register
  • Coordination of PFM legal reforms, especially ensuring full implementation of the PFM Act
  • Ensuring coordination of joint progress review meetings, retreats and conferences involving implementing agencies and Development Partners
  • Safe record keeping of the Programme’s Data and Documents
  • Provision of joint transport services, maintenance and servicing of Project vehicles on behalf of the Implementing Agencies
  • Ensuring Smooth Communication flow among the Agencies, between Agencies and Development Partners and other Stakeholders through mail deliveries, internet, telephone, fax among other channels
  • Provision of customer care services to the Programme’s visitors
  • Provision of Secretarial Services to the Programme including both the Project Steering Committee (SC) and the
  • Technical Committee (TC) by offering services such as minute taking, cleanliness/hospitality services, photocopying and binding, among others
  • Provision of Information, Communication and Technology services to the Programme Secretariat including installation of computer software and Projector services
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